Maca Cacao Orb - Smashed

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  • The maca root powder combined with the cacao nibs and powder make this a great antioxidant booster – helping to improve immune systems and disease resistance. Combined with the low GI of the organic medjool dates, these chocolate sprinkles not only taste amazing, but contribute health and wellness to the consumer whether they are aware or not … (my toddler is a perfect example!)

    Use as a substitute for toppings on ice-cream, yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, cookies, cakes, donuts and bread. For those already health conscious, this product is a great addition to a smoothies bowl or chia pudding – adding flavour and nutritional value. The shaker/pour jar allows for easy serving and fun for little ones.

    Country of origin information
    made in Australia

    Organic Dates, Organic Raw Cacao Nibs (34%), Organic Maca Powder (7%), Organic Raw Cacao Powder (7%), Organic Whole Flaxseeds

    100% organic | vegan | paleo | raw | small batch

  • Weight

    100 (10 Servings per jar)

    Nutritional information

    Serving size 20g Serving size 100g
    Energy 334kJ 1670kJ
    Protein 1.1g 5.6g
    Fat, total 3.1g 15.4g
    - saturated 1.1g 5.4g
    Carbohydrate 11.4g 57.0g
    sugars 7.7g 38.7g
    Sodium 10mg 48mg

    Contains cacao and may contain traces of sesame, soy, peanuts, tree nuts & gluten

    May contain traces of date pits

  • Description
    Simply add a heaped dessert spoon full of this banana coconut goodness to any of your culinary creations to provide the natural healthy energy equivalent of a small banana. Note: this product may settle - just tap and shake if settling does occur

    Best stored between 15-22°C

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