Almond Cacao Orb - Nibbles

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  • Almond Cacao Orb - Nibbles
  • Almond Cacao Orb - Nibbles
  • Almond Cacao Orb - Nibbles

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  • All things Activated Almonds! A nutty mix of nibble-size almond cacao orbs, Loving Earth mylk chocolate coated almonds & activated almonds

    This luxury trailmix expands on the flavours we LOVE in our almond cacao orb. So, if you love the nibble sized orbs in this mix, you might want to try our 36g almond cacao orb!

    Country of origin information
    made in Australia

    Almond cacao orb (44%): Dates, Activated Almonds (39%), Unhulled Tahini, Raw Cacao Powder (8%).
    Chocolate coated almonds: Organic Raw Coconut Mylk Chocolate(34%)(Raw Cacao Beans, Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Coconut, Virgin Cacao Butter), Activated Almonds (In Conversion) (33%), Organic Caramel Chocolate (33%) (Virgin Cacao Butter, Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Raw Cashews, Coconut).
    Activated almonds: almonds, filtered water, whole raw celtic sea salt

    100% organic | vegan | paleo | raw | small batch

  • Weight

    132 (2 Servings per pack)

    Nutritional information

    Serving size 25g Serving size 100g
    Energy 553kJ 2210kJ
    Protein 3.4g 13.5g
    Fat, total 10.1g 40.5g
    - saturated 2.3g 9.2g
    Carbohydrate 8.0g 31.8g
    sugars 5.5g 22.1g
    Sodium 19mg 74mg

    Contains sesame, cacao, tree nuts (almonds) and may contain traces of soy, peanuts & gluten

    May contain traces of other nuts and nut shells

  • Description
    Great as an on the go treat during the winter months. During the hotter summer months, this treat needs to be kept cool and is an especially good office snack - one re-sealable pouch taking care of two snacks for the week!

    Best stored between 15-22°C


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